Welcome to FLOW. Flow is the Vermont Watershed Management Division’s blog and is where you’ll find the latest news and science on Vermont’s rivers, lakes, wetlands, and watersheds. Whether you want to know more about Vermont’s resource protection efforts, watershed science, water quality progress, or opportunities to get involved—you’re bound to find something that interests you. After all, our actions affect water quality; our choices determine what the effect will be.

About the Watershed Management Division

The Watershed Management Division’s primary mission is to protect, maintain, enhance and restore the quality of Vermont’s surface water resources. Inherent in this effort is the support of both healthy ecosystems and public uses in and on more than: 800 lakes and ponds, 7,100 miles of rivers and streams, and 300,000 acres of wetlands that exist within the State of Vermont.

The Watershed Management Division is comprised of more than 100 professionals invested in its mission.  The Division includes three media-specific programs, including the Wetlands Program, Rivers Program and Lakes Program, which manage and protect these vital surface water resources. The Division’s Wastewater Program and Stormwater Program, support the integrity of these water resources by regulating wastewater discharges and stormwater runoff. The Division also includes the Monitoring, Assessment and Planning Program, which is responsible for integrating the Division’s monitoring, assessment and planning efforts across these programs through the use of our Statewide Surface Water Management Strategy, and to develop basin plans consistent with this strategy. The Ecosystem Restoration Program provides financial resources, and technical and educational assistance to ensure that Vermont achieves and maintains healthy ecosystems, naturally stable rivers, flood plains and river corridors that can protect against flood impacts, well-functioning wetlands, and clean and healthy lakes. Finally, the Business and Operational Support Services Program supports the division’s permitting and general business process. The staff provides specific program support for the Stormwater, Wastewater, Lakes and Ponds, Wetlands, and Rivers programs, as well as provides general division-wide administrative support.