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A Good Fit: Better Roads and Grants in Aid

The Town of Clarendon has known for several years that it had major problems with erosion on one of its steepest byways, Quarterline Road. With slopes as high as 17% and five contiguous segments that didn’t meet Municipal General Roads Permit standards, the town knew it had to do something. But it was at a loss to come up with the funds to tackle everything that needed to be done. It could do it piecemeal. But it wanted a more robust and cost-effective solution.

The road commissioner, Cash Ruane, asked the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC) for help. As a result, the town was able to combine grant funds from VTrans and DEC Grants in Aid and fix the problem stretch of road from top to bottom. This fall, the town is completing its work that improves drainage all along these non-compliant sections with new ditches and replaced culverts.

The town also proudly displays a DEC Clean Water Project signs at the worksite.