Windham County Conservation District Partners on Dam Safety Workshop

The Windham Conservation District is excited to be partnering with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to offer a free webinar on dam safety and dam ownership rules on October 6 at 6:30 PM. New administrative dam safety rules took effect in the State of Vermont on August 1 (10 V.S.A. Chapter 43), including new regulations for dam owners. This workshop will help dam owners understand their responsibilities while also providing municipal officials with important safety information about dams in their communities.

The new rules apply to dams that impound greater than 500,000 cubic feet of water, sediment, or other liquid. Smaller dams may be regulated under other state statues. Even small dams for backyard ponds are significant structures that can have major public safety and environmental implications. This webinar will cover the rulemaking process, including how the new administrative rules came to be, dam ownership obligations and responsibilities, required fees and permits, inspection and compliance requirements and emergency action plans. The presentations will also cover the phase 2 standards rulemaking plans and provide information regarding more intensive training opportunities in the future and resources for dam owners.

To register for this free workshop, please visit the Windham Conservation District Webpage at Advanced registration is required. If you have questions please feel free to contact District Manager Cory Ross at or by phone at 802-689-3024.