CVRPC partners with Friends of the Winooski River to Launch Water Quality Monitoring Web Map

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) is pleased to announce the launch of an online, interactive web map in partnership with the Friends of the Winooski River (FWR). This web map displays water quality monitoring sites and results for 2019, including measures of E. Coli, Total Phosphorus and Chloride in the Winooski River and four of its tributaries (North Branch Winooski River, Stevens Branch, Dog River and Joiner Brook) and Total Phosphorus in the Upper Winooski River in the towns of Plainfield, Marshfield and Cabot.

The creation of this web map allows for an interactive visualization of FWR’s monitoring data for stakeholders and the general public accessible on their web site water quality page. By utilizing an online-platform, FWR is expanding access to this data and creating an opportunity to engage and inform a larger community, especially during a time of minimal physical meeting capabilities.

Collaboration on this project began in early 2020 when CVRPC Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff met with FWR to discuss opportunities to utilize ArcGIS software to meet the organization’s needs. Upon receiving FWR’s monitoring data for 2019, CVRPC developed a draft map in ArcGIS Pro and then uploaded this map to the web map viewer. CVRPC met remotely with FWR to gather comments and further refine the web map to include specific layers, widgets, and compatibility across devices. This project was funded through the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) of the VT Agency of Natural Resources (ANR).

For more information on this web map, please reach out to Pamela DeAndrea at

Screenshot of FWR webmap. A multi colored map of the Wiooski Basin is seen with monitoring sites and results visible on the map.
Screenshot of the watershed-extent of the FWR web map.