Stormwater Master Plan for Cambridge Village and Jeffersonville

In Fall of 2019, the Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) received an Ecosystem Restoration Program Grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC) to develop a Stormwater Master Plan for the two villages in the Town of Cambridge – Cambridge Village and Jeffersonville. This project was identified as a priority in the 2016 Lamoille Tactical Basin Plan. The scope of work involves assessing key areas in the Villages and prioritizing best management practices to mitigate stormwater runoff and erosion from storm events. The Stormwater Master Plan will include preliminary design plans for up to 10 sites.

On March 17th 2020, the Selection Committee reviewed 3 proposals submitted by local consultants and chose Fitzgerald Environmental Associates to perform the work. On June 24th the kick-off meeting, held virtually, was attended by representatives of Cambridge Village, Jeffersonville, the Town of Cambridge, VT ANR, LCPC, and the consultant team, Fitzgerald Environmental Associates partnering with Milone and MacBroom. Evan Fitzgerald presented an overview of the Stormwater Master Plan process, which will involve identifying problems, prioritizing projects, gathering stakeholder input, and developing conceptual designs.
ANR representatives, Danielle Owczarski, Watershed Planner, Staci Pomeroy, Rivers Scientist, and Will Eldridge, Fisheries Biologist, provided technical support for the kick-off meeting in reviewing projects with LCPC and community representatives. The areas identified in the scope of work include:

  • Vermont Fish and Wildlife River Access (Dorothy Smith Access Area) off Route 108 North in Jeffersonville
  • Route 15 Jeffersonville Park and Ride
  • Former Bell Gates Parking Area
  • Streambank restoration adjacent to Cambridge Greenway Trail
  • 2-3 Potential stormwater treatment/streetscape options for Church Street & Main Street in Jeffersonville
  • 2-3 stormwater treatment options for North & South Main Street in Cambridge Village
  • Other high priority options identified in the assessment

During the Kickoff meeting key points of contact were identified for the two villages and Town of Cambridge. James Kinney of Cambridge Village and Tom Wyckoff and Shaun Phillips of Jeffersonville will be the contacts for the villages. Cody Marsh will serve as a key point of contact for Cambridge Town. Next steps in this project include the LCPC coordinating site visits with community points of contact and other project partners to evaluate study areas with the Consultant and identify possible solutions to mitigate stormwater runoff and erosion. Evan Fitzgerald and his team will be conducting fieldwork in Jeffersonville and Cambridge Village this summer to assess the areas of concern. For more information contact LCPC’s Regional Planner, Meghan Rodier, at or 802-888-4548 ext. 103.