Woodbury Moving Forward to Four Stormwater Mitigation Final Designs

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) on behalf of the Town of Woodbury recently received two grants: Design Implementation Block Grant from the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission and an Ecosystem Restoration Program grant award from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). These funds will be used to bring four preliminary stormwater designs for the Woodbury Elementary School, Fire Department Annex and Food Shelf, Church Street, and the Fire Station/Post Office to final design. In April, 2020, CVRPC awarded DuBois & King the contract to move the preliminary designs to 60%, 90%, and 100% designs. By December 2021, the Town of Woodbury will have final designs for the four stormwater projects and will be ready to move forward with implementation.

The four stormwater improvements in Woodbury will include underground storage and infiltration, filter strip and buffer enhancement, and construction of a gravel wetland. These improvements, once implemented, will remove 9,344 pounds of suspended solids and 5.02 pounds of phosphorus from the stormwater runoff entering the Kingsbury Branch.

The four preliminary designs in Woodbury originated as part of an outcome from the Central Vermont Stormwater Master Plan for Calais, East Montpelier, and Woodbury, VT. This master plan focused on mitigating stormwater entering the Kingsbury Branch of the Winooski River. This Stormwater Master Plan was funded by the Vermont DEC’s Clean Water Fund Grant and was completed in 2019 by Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC. The Stormwater Master Plan identified 20 Best Management Practices per municipality and provided 30% designs for five priority stormwater projects in each municipality. Four of the five sites in Woodbury will be receiving final designs in 2021. This plan was integral in setting the groundwork for stormwater improvements in Woodbury and has allowed the Town to leverage additional funds to reduce and filter stormwater runoff before it reaches the Kingsbury Branch.

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