World Wetlands Day: 2020 hindsight

We’ve learned so much about the importance of wetlands throughout American history! Thankfully, a greater awareness about the 50% loss of wetlands nationwide lead to greater conservation efforts to protect the remainder. Since then wetland losses have drastically slowed down and Vermont’s water quality and wildlife have benefited from an increase in wetland restoration efforts. It’s a reason to celebrate World Wetlands Day this Sunday February 2nd!

Here are some ways to celebrate the day:

  • Go visit a local wetland. With luck you will see signs of wildlife like mink and otter who depend on wetland habitat. Some of our Class I wetlands, the most irreplaceable wetlands in VT, have public access.
  • Have a neighbor or local conservation group with wetlands on their property? Thank them for being good stewards.
  • Celebrations are not complete without feasts. Cranberries and rice are two wetland dependent plants that you can make into delicious cuisine.
  • Learn more about wetlands on our website, and share the information with a friend.
Wetlands plants