As 2019 Ends, Two Central Vermont Stormwater Projects are Complete

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission has been hard at work assisting in the implementation of two stormwater projects in Barre City and Northfield! As of winter 2019, both of these projects are now complete.

The Barre City project is located at the end of Pouliot Avenue, and has mitigated the effects of a gully formed by stormwater from an outfall and the surrounding hillside. With funding provided through the VT Clean Water Block Grant program, this treatment has utilized gabion dams, logs, and natural vegetation to slow down stormwater as it flows into the gully area. Since completion, this treatment has mitigated the hazard posed to the adjacent neighborhood, as well as reduced sediment loading by 65 tons per year, as well as reduced phosphorus loading by 61 pounds per year.

The Northfield project is located at the intersection of Water Street and Union Brook Road. Though not as impressive looking on the surface as the Barre City project, the Northfield Project utilized funding from the VT DEC’s Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) to replace and install new catch basins along Union Brook Road and install an infiltration system underground in a vacant lot along Water Street. By redirecting stormwater to this infiltration system, sediment loading to the Dog River will be reduced by 73%, and phosphorus loading by 74%.

CVRPC is eager to move forward and assist in the implementation of new projects like these in the region for 2020 and beyond. For more information, please contact Pam DeAndrea at