Flood Mitigation Project at Work in Jeffersonville

On November 1st 2019, the Route 15 Bypass Culvert Replacement Project was put to the test! Instead of watching flood waters gush into the Village of Jeffersonville, for the first-time, residents saw the new upsized culvert in action. Water rushed through the new 20-foot long and 4-foot-deep culvert (formerly an 18-inch drainage culvert) and drained away from the Village. Cambridge Selectboard member, Larry Wykcoff, caught this new mitigation project in action! A link to the video can be found on the News and Citizen’s website at:

This project was one of a series of recent flood resiliency projects implemented in Jeffersonville, to reduce flooding in the Village. The 18-inch drainage culvert was replaced by Desroches Construction Services in November 2018 with an upsized concrete, box culvert. Construction also included improving the downstream drainage path. This mitigation project was recommended by Milone and MacBroom after conducting a flood modeling study in 2015 of the Lamoille River Main Stem. Previously Jeffersonville experienced frequent flooding in the Village on an annual basis. The culvert replacement project allows floodwaters to flow out of the Village and access the Lamoille River Floodplain. In previous storms floodwaters have been trapped on the Village side of Route 15 and flooded multiple properties. In recognizing the importance of this project, it was identified as a priority in the 2016 Lamoille Tactical Basin Plan prepared by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. This project yields water quality benefits in addition to flood resiliency, as flood waters spend less time picking up pollutants from developed lands including chemicals on roads, driveways, parking lots, flooded basements etc.

The Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) assisted the Town of Cambridge and Village of Jeffersonville in acquiring funding and acting as a Project Manager to bring this instrumental mitigation project to fruition. Little did we realize, the community would witness it in action the following year!

This project represents one of the many efforts the Town of Cambridge and Village of Jeffersonville has taken to build a flood resilient community. For more information on the Jeffersonville Flood Mitigation Project contact Seth Jensen, LCPC Principal Planner, at or 802-888-4548.