Through Collaboration, a Dam is Removed

Over the summer and early fall Windham Regional Commission and the Connecticut River Conservancy worked with landowners in Dummerston to remove a dam on private property on the Crosby Brook. The work was supported by a grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

This defunct dam was impairing the natural flow of the river, causing sediment buildup behind the dam and raising the temperatures of the water, which harms wildlife that call the stream home. With this dam’s removal we are helping to restore natural conditions to the brook, as well as expanding the flood capacity upstream so that when the next large water event hits the region, downstream infrastructure will be better protected.

Dam removals are very complicated projects and wouldn’t be possible without a lot of project partners. This project was made possible through collaborations between Windham Regional Commission, Connecticut River Conservancy, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Vaughan-Johnson Dam owners, Paula Sagerman Historic Preservation Consultation, United States Army Corp of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, VT Division for Historic Preservation, Town of Dummerston, Ripple Natural Resources LLC, and Canonica Farm and Forest Services, LLC.