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Stormwater Master Plan Completed for the Town of Wallingford

The Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District (RNRCD) recently completed the stormwater master planning process for the Town of Wallingford with funding provided by the Ecosystem Restoration Grant Program at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The RNRCD hired Watershed Consulting Associates (WCA) to complete this Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP).

The completed SWMP includes a review of pre-existing data, on-the-ground-assessment of problem areas, and detailed identification of projects. Several meetings were held with the Town Select Board, Town Road Crew, Town Administrator, RNRCD Manager, Watershed Consulting Associates and others to identify the eight highest priority projects that will reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff as well as future flood damage.

The top eight projects taken through the 30% design stage included four stormwater retrofit sites and four road erosion sites. These are sites where the addition of stormwater treatment structures would most effectively remove sediment and nutrients. Moreover, the practices are assessed as being cost-effective, which will enable Wallingford to plan for and implement future watershed management practices.

The RNRCD will work with the Town of Wallingford on securing funds for final engineering designs and project implementation. The goal for completing SWMP’s is to help the state reach its goal to reduce phosphorus loading in the Lake Champlain basin.

A view of some satellite imagery marked up with symbols
Preliminary list of projects