Two Stormwater Construction Projects in Central Vermont in Full Swing in Summer 2019!

Summer is beginning to wind down and with it comes the continued work on two stormwater mitigation projects in Northfield and Barre City. The Northfield project is located at Union Brook Road and Water Street, and came out of a 2015 Village Stormwater Planning effort by the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC). The project was funded through a Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Ecosystem Restoration Program grant and construction is now nearing completion. The treatment provides new and replacement catch basins along Union Brook Road with an infiltration chamber system installed underground on Water Street. These improvements are intended to reduce sediment loading into the Dog River by 73% and phosphorus loading by 74%, which will ultimately help Northfield contribute to the statewide effort to reduce phosphorus loading to Lake Champlain!

The Barre City project is located at the end of Pouliot Avenue. A gully formed by a stormwater outfall and from drainage from the surrounding hillsides has been expanding annually and contributes a significant amount of sediment to the Stevens Branch. CVRPC funded this project through the Vermont Clean Water Block Grant Program. The treatment will require installation of gabion dams, logs, and natural vegetation to slow down stormwater flows and prevent further erosion of the gully. After putting out the bid in late June, Barre City selected Avery Excavating Inc. to complete the project. The project, now in construction, will mitigate the hazard posed to the Pouliot neighborhood, as well as reduce sediment loading 65 tons per year and reduce phosphorus loading by 61 pounds per year. This project would not be possible without the efforts by Barre City, Vermont DEC, Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission, Friends of the Winooski River, landowners, Watershed Consulting Associates, and Civil Engineering Associates!

For more information on either of these projects, please contact Pam DeAndrea at