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Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission Begins Outreach for Public-Private Partnership!

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission began outreach for the Public-Private Partnership opportunity (P3) on behalf of Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC in May of 2019. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) retained Watershed Consulting Associates for this project to help meet the recent stormwater permit requirement for parcels with greater than 3 acres of impervious surfaces. The P3 program is seeking to foster relationships between private landowners who may be affected by DEC’s new 3-acre permit and public governments who may be able to assist. In order to connect with these public officials, Watershed Consulting Associates is working with Regional Planning Commissions to utilize their local connections.

Numerous stakeholders are seeking to understand the impact that Vermont’s new 3-acre permit will have on past and future developments. Watershed Consulting Associates is utilizing the Public-Private Partnership to identify the most cost-efficient and effective way to manage runoff from these large sites. Their preliminary assessment will include a range of sites representing unique situations, including some 3-acre public parcels that runoff onto private lands and 3-acre private parcels that runoff onto public lands. By the end of the study in 2021, Watershed Consulting Associates will have identified the most effective and cost-efficient method of mitigating stormwater impacts from these large areas affected by the 3-acre permit.

In late May, CVRPC reached out to the 13 municipalities of Barre City, Barre Town, Berlin, Duxbury, East Montpelier, Fayston, Montpelier, Moretown, Waitsfield, Warren, Waterbury, and Worcester to gather information on program interest. These municipalities were identified by Watershed Consulting Associates as having a parcel that may be large enough under the State’s new permit, and/or a documented watershed concern in their region (through a Stormwater Management Plan or Basin Plan, for example). In response, 6 municipalities agreed to participate, and 3 more responded tentatively awaiting more information!

Municipalities that participate in this program would be required to hold one meeting, and may be eligible for a 30% design using cost-effective, infiltration based, and green stormwater infrastructure if their Town is one of the 10-15 selected across the state. This design would be a great incentive to mitigate runoff from a 3-acre parcel within the Town!

Please contact Pam DeAndrea at Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission at deandrea@cvregion.com for regional planning commission involvement in the project.

An aerial view of Montpelier VT with impervious surfaces colored red
Impervious surfaces (red) in Montpelier. Source: Draft High Resolution Land Cover, UVM Spatial Analysis Lab 2018