TRORC Completes Stormwater Management Plan for Randolph Village

The Two Rivers – Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) recently completed a Stormwater Management Plan for the Village of Randolph thanks to funding from the Ecosystem Restoration Grant Program at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC). The Plan outlines current watershed conditions within the Village and highlights the locations of critical open areas and floodplains. It also identifies and prioritizes projects that will reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff as well as future flood damage. Types of projects prioritized in the Plan include outfall stabilization, stone-lined ditches, bank stabilization and implementing green stormwater infrastructure. Otter Creek Engineering completed preliminary engineering designs (30%) for 3 priority projects as well as 10% cost designs for an additional 12 priority projects, all of which are now included in the Agency of Natural Resources’ Watershed Projects Database. This Plan will guide the Town as they invest in future stormwater infrastructure improvements. Proper stormwater management provides numerous benefits to both the Town and the White River watershed by reducing the risks that occur as a result of pollutant runoff and flood hazards. Implementing projects from this Plan will not only improve public safety, but will also improve flood resilience and hazard mitigation.

A color coded, computer drawn, map of Randolph Village with watercourses named
Randolph Village stormwater sub-watersheds, major tributaries and selected lands