Clean Water Project Enhances Water Quality and Learning at Rutland Town School

Schools are critical community assets that can generate a significant amount of stormwater due to their large building footprints and parking lots. Schools also tend to have green space where stormwater can be captured and infiltrated or treated, which makes them prime demonstration sites for sound stormwater management.

The Rutland Town School, located in the East Creek watershed, is a recent example of how schools can demonstrate clean water stewardship. With support from a Natural Resources Conservation Council block grant through the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Clean Water Initiative Program, the Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District installed Green Stormwater Infrastructure practices that treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff from more than an acre of impervious surface at the Rutland Town School. The practices, designed by Enman-Kesselring Consulting Engineers, included rock swales, rain gardens, and an infiltration trench.

Not only will this project reduce runoff in the East Creek watershed, it will also be a learning resource for students and the community on how to live lightly on the land, and on the water.