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Otter Creek Tactical Basin Plan Kick-Off


Tactical basin planning for the 100-mile-long Otter Creek (Basin 3) is now underway. A kick-off meeting was held at the Brandon Town Hall Community Center on June 7, 2018. Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning Program Manager Ethan Swift and Basin Planner Angie Allen led the discussion. Topics included what state scientists know about the water quality and biological integrity of this major Lake Champlain tributary, and the assessment and monitoring that’s needed to fill data gaps. This story map, created by Allen, describes the Otter Creek basin and the tactical basin planning process in a series of images and captions.

The tactical basin planning process is a science-based framework to assess, plan, and implement priority projects that will protect and restore clean water. As part of the Vermont Clean Water Act (Act 64), the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation has developed partnerships with regional planning commissions and other organizations around the state to support tactical basin planning.

To help with some of the data gaps involving lakes in the basin, Allen is looking for volunteers to be Vermont Invasive Patrollers to support aquatic invasive species monitoring efforts this summer. To volunteer or learn more about the tactical basin planning process, email