New Public Noticing System Puts Information into the Hands of all Vermonters

Once considered out-of-sight, the state’s environmental permitting system just got a massive makeover that’s turning heads. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recently launched the Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB). Now, for the first time ever, there is an online hub that gives anyone the ability to easily track permit applications and add public comments.

Permits will now be publicly noticed on ENB, making the entire process more straightforward and transparent. ENB gives users the power to add comments directly to the website, request a public meeting, and receive notice of the final permit application decision.

Permits play a key role in sustaining Vermont’s outstanding environment and vibrant communities. DEC permits protect public health, support economic viability, promote the safe handling of fuel and other hazardous materials, and safeguard drinking water. These permits help businesses, municipalities and individuals build homes, facilities and infrastructure while protecting Vermont’s air, water and land.

“The Environmental Notice Bulletin is an example of how government should operate, working together with the public to improve access to information and to decisions that affect our everyday lives,” said DEC Commissioner Emily Boedecker. “Whether you’re interested in facilities that manage household trash and food scraps, invasive species control, wetlands and water quality, shoreline development projects, or wastewater treatment facilities, ENB offers an easy way to stay informed.”

ENB is the result of user feedback and represents a larger movement in state government to modernize processes. DEC looked at its overall permitting system and analyzed how the public was engaging with the permitting process. After reviewing these results, the Department created ENB to increase public engagement and provide a more predictable, consistent system for applicants. ENB merges 85 different permit procedures into five core categories and consolidates all permit information into one place on the ENB website.

Since the ENB launched, there is already a substantial mix of permit applications in the system including permits for brewery conversions, lakeshore protections and stormwater management. ENB provides a valuable service to all Vermonters by making a wealth of information instantly available online. Starting using the new Environmental Notice Bulletin today at

A screenshot of the ENB

A screenshot of the ENB showing its mapping ability.