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Two Lakes Earn the Gold Lake Wise Award! Check out the You-Tube Video

Two Lakes Earn the Gold Lake Wise Award!
The Echo and Seymour Lake shoreland owners are setting the pace to protect and restore native species along their shores while preventing stormwater and erosive property runoff to the lake. After decades of unchecked development along Vermont shorelands, Vermont lakes need this rapid response from shoreland owners to help maintain good water quality trends and protect sensitive wildlife habitat. Echo Lake in Charleston received the FIRST GOLD LAKE WISE AWARD, which means that 15 percent of the shoreland owners have participated in the Lake Wise Program to learn about lake-friendly practices. Congratulations to the Echo Lake community for achieving the Gold Lake status! Only a few weeks later, neighboring Seymour Lake in Morgan was the second lake to earn the Gold Lake Wise Award! A You-Tube video was made to honor the collaboration and accomplishments of these lake communities and show case lake-friendly landscaping practices that benefit the lake and property. You can view the video on the Lake Wise Web Site or on You-tube.
To learn how you can make a positive difference on your shore and participate in Lake Wise, contact Amy Picotte at the Lakes and Ponds Program.

Lake Wise Events:

The Natural Shoreland Erosion Control Certification trainings are being offered November 6th in St. Johnsbury; November 8th in Montpelier; and November 15th in Essex. These trainings are designed for engineers, landscapers and contractors who do work along shorelands, yet open to all. Visit the Lake Wise web site for more information.

New YOU-TUBE Video on Vermont Bioengineering! This video provides a glimpse into some of the concepts covered at the NSECC trainings and showcases ecological designs for shoreland Best Management Practices. Click here to view the Bioengineering Video, or find it on the Lake Wise web site.


The Simsarians on Echo Lake with their Lake Wise Award

The Simsarians on Echo Lake in Charleston earn the Lake Wise Award for their exemplary lake-friendly shoreland.