Clean Water Week in Rutland

To commemorate Vermont Clean Water Week, Rutland City showcased its new Green Stormwater Infrastructure Bicycle Tour Map. On August 23rd, a bicycle and pedestrian tour was held to visit four of the 22 mapped Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) sites in the city.

At each of the four sites, experts were on hand to describe the projects and answer questions.

  • The tour started at Giorgetti Park (next to Pine Hill Park) where Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Watershed Coordinator Ethan Swift talked about the newly installed bioretention basin at the park.
  • The next stop was Northwest Primary School with Nanci McGuire, Manager of the Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District, who showed the group a rain garden and other stormwater practices installed at the school last year.
  • Then it was on to 33 Crescent Street, where one of the most ideal tree species for urban settings, red oak, can be found. City Forester and Arborist Dave Schneider led the group in a discussion of the connection between trees and stormwater.
  • The tour concluded with a visit to Rotary Park where Nanci McGuire talked about the infiltration trench installed there in 2015 and future GSI projects in the city.

The GSI Bicycle Tour Map was created by the Green Infrastructure Collaborative (with Vermont DEC). The event was co-sponsored by the Rutland Regional Planning Commission and the Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District.