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Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission Brings Winooski Tactical Basin Planning Outreach to its Region’s Municipalities

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC), in collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, is providing its region’s twenty-three municipalities with targeted outreach and support in order to help them understand the Winooski Tactical Basin Planning Process and surface water quality issues in their communities. To date, three outreach meetings have been conducted in various parts of the watershed. Lively discussions at events in Plainfield, Fayston, and Berlin included concerns about fish habitat, stormwater runoff, phosphorus and other pollutant loading, and impacts from dams and water withdrawals.

Another outreach meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Steele Community Room, Waterbury Municipal Building, Waterbury, Vermont. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is currently developing the Winooski Tactical Basin Plan with the objective of improving water quality and addressing stressors to surface waters throughout the watershed. These meetings have brought together stakeholders from the various municipalities to discuss their priorities for water quality protection.

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