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2017 Cyanobacteria Resources for Vermonters

Summer is upon us and the first cyanobacteria (aka blue-green algae) alerts are popping up around the Northeast.  Here in Vermont, the summer Cyanobacteria monitoring program will be in full swing beginning June 19.  The DEC continues to work with the Department of Health and the Lake Champlain Committee to provide updates to the public on a regular basis.  Though many of our monitors are active on Lake Champlain, this year we will have reports from many inland lakes as well.

The links below will help you learn about cyanobacteria, recreational conditions around VT and where you can report a bloom.

Report a bloom directly to VT Department of Health:

General Cyanobacteria information


Vermont CyanoTracker webpage – .  The map is mobile-friendly and updated whenever we have confirmed new information.

VT Dept. of Health Video on cyanobacteria –

Photos of what is and is not a cyanobacteria bloom – and

cyano tracker

The Vermont Cyanobacteria Tracker