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Stormwater Master Plan for Town of Jericho Completed

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) and the Town of Jericho are pleased to announce the completion of the Jericho Stormwater Master Plan. Using a Clean Water Fund grant awarded by the DEC Clean Water Initiative Program, the CCRPC hired the Vermont firm, Watershed Consulting Associates (WCA) to prepare the Plan.

WCA staff consulted with Town and used the Jericho Stormwater Mapping Report by DEC to identify known problem areas and then visited 165 discrete locations. After the initial field visits were completed, a preliminary ranking system was devised, which narrowed the list of possible projects from 165 to 21 locations. This ranking system used several criteria such as co-benefits, drainage area size, percent impervious cover, cost, phosphorus load reduction estimates, and proximity to surface water. This list of 21 locations was then further analyzed to prioritize six sites for production of detailed conceptual designs and cost estimates (see table below).

top6 sites

Of numerous sites investigated, the Plan recommended these 6 projects as top priorities.

With these designs completed, the Town and local residents and property owners are well positioned to apply for grants to bring these projects to fruition and reduce sediment and phosphorus loading into local streams. The development of this master plan was a principal recommendation of the Lamoille Tactical Basin Plan.

Questions concerning the Plan directed to:

Danielle Owczarski, Watershed Coordinator, VT-DEC        802-490-6176