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The New Vermont Inland Lake Score Card is Online!

Vermont Inland Lake Score Card

The Vermont Inland Lake Score Card now includes data through 2015.

The NEW Vermont Inland Lake Score Card is online and ready for use! Designed to answer the question “How is my lake doing?”, the Score Card brings together available data from the Lakes and Ponds Program in a simple, easy to understand format accessed through Google Earth. Viewers use Google Earth to find the lake of their choice, click on the colored icon, and open a series of pop-up windows that show key aspects of overall lake health.

The Inland Lake Score Card shares a wide range of information including:

  • Nutrient trends,
  • The presence of invasive species,
  • The extent of lakeshore or watershed disturbance, and
  • Actions that can be taken to protect or improve lake health.

Expanded to include data through 2015 and more than 800 lakes across the state, the Inland Lake Score Card is your gateway to everything we know about your favorite lake. Click here to start exploring.

Score Card Pop-Up

Pop-up windows provide detailed information for each lake.