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Fish Survey Surprises

Most folks are surprised and excited to see the unexpected large number of fish that rise to the surface of a small Vermont stream while watching a fish sampling survey.  The web link below is a recent PBS VT Outdoors Edition show of a 2016 Vermont Rivers and Roads training event that quickly moves to a fish sampling survey in Central Vermont where the training participants are actively engaged.  They see an amazing amount of fish of all sizes and ages sampled and released unharmed back to the stream flow.


VT Agency of Natural Resources fisheries biologists surveying fish populations in a stream.

Natural resource managers know that water seeks the path of least resistance in a stream flow that shapes the stream channel and banks.  The fish instinctively save energy by hiding in slower waters waiting for their food to float downstream until they are caught by an angler or discovered in a fish sampling survey. The participants learn how the shape of a stream affects the characteristics of stream flow and, in-turn, the behavior and survival of fish.

The 3-part training format of classroom, river flume and stream-side field visits for discussion of rivers and roads and the importance of fish habitat builds a hands-on training that makes the topic of river management accessible to people for a better understanding of flood resilience in our next flood recovery efforts.  The Rivers and Roads training program can now be seen in the online video broadcast at the following PBS web link:

More information on the Vermont Rivers and Roads Training Program can be found at: