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Show Me and I’ll Remember the River

There is a saying “Tell me and I’ll forget, but show me and I’ll remember”. This saying has been a common theme heard from folks attending our Vermont Rivers and Roads Tier II Training Program in the first five years of the training workshops held throughout the state from 2012 to 2016.



Vermont mandated the development of a Rivers and Roads Training Program in Act 138 of 2012 as an outcome of the 2011 Irene flood devastation and response in the aftermath. The state Rivers Program, VTrans and Department of Fish and Wildlife took this mandate to heart and developed the training program for workshops on how to better achieve flood resiliency when rebuilding devastated roads, culverts and bridges.   Now five years later, the comments from over 350 attendees have been unanimously positive with many folks saying this “show me and I’ll remember” comment in various ways in their own words such as “the afternoon field trips really brought home the message from the morning class and river flume presentations, and now I have a better understanding of what to do after the next flood hits Vermont.”

The Vermont Rivers and Roads Training Program has been developed to promote community flood resiliency because of our common “Lessons Learned” after Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont in 2011. The training is for a wide range of state, municipal and private sector transportation staff.  Participants leave the training with the basic knowledge and skills to distinguish between stable and unstable rivers, identify various types of river instability, understand a rivers response to alternative structural elements and design and build those treatments for more robust repairs to our roadway infrastructure.

The following web link will bring you to a brief general overview of the Rivers and Roads Training Program flyer on the Rivers Program web page where you can read more about how the program is offered to “show me and I’ll remember the river” and see the Tier 1 presentation for yourself:

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