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Watershed Management Division issues new Tactical Basin Plans for the Lamoille River and Missisquoi Bay watersheds


The Division is pleased to announce the availability of the final Tactical Basin Plans for the Missisquoi Bay and Lamoille River watersheds. These tactical basin plans present scientifically robust assessments of watershed health, and contain detailed suites of potential actions to restore or protect the health of the streams and lakes of the watershed. These plans also contain consistently-developed modeling of the phosphorus sources that pollute Lake Champlain.  Phosphorus pollution diminishes the use and enjoyment of the Lake Champlain and certain other waterbodies, for Vermonters and visitors alike.

These plans were developed in partnership with the associated regional Planning Commissions, including Chittenden, Northwest, Lamoille, and Central VT RPCs, and the Northeast Vermont Development Authority. These partners, as well as Natural Resources Conservation Districts and others, were instrumental in developing the plans, and will be key organizations in their implementation.

The issuance of these tactical basin plans was one of many important outcomes of the Lake Champlain TMDL issued by USEPA, and of the 2015 Vermont Clean Water Act. While the hard work developing these plans is now complete, the larger effort of implementing them now begins.  Thankfully, Vermonters from the municipal, agricultural, forestry, and developed sectors are all-in on this effort. Please refer to each tactical basin planning webpage for additional information, and access to the new basin plans.


Missisquoi Bay Watershed showing phosphorus reduction potential based on full implementation of the Lake Champlain TMDL requirements for this watershed.