Announcements / Progress

Stormwater Reduction in the East Creek Watershed in the City of Rutland

The Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District (RNRCD) received funding through an Ecosystem Restoration Program Grant to implement a high priority project that was identified in the Stormwater Master Plan for the East Creek Watershed in July of 2014.

This project located at the Giorgetti Arena, a Rutland City Recreational Facility, is designed to mitigate stormwater runoff which has resulted in water quality impacts directly to the East Creek, which is on the state’s list of priority waters due to stormwater. This project scored as high priority in the East Creek Stormwater Master Plan for retrofit given the high potential for stormwater reduction.

The RNRCD coordinated with Watershed Consulting Associates to develop a final design for a large-scale bioretention system that will manage runoff from the parking lot as well as a portion of Preville Avenue. The bioretention system will retain, infiltrate, and filter runoff that presently flows through a highly eroded ditch directly to East Creek. Not only will the project be highly functional for improving water quality, it will also be an attractive community asset that will beautify the area and be a showpiece for green infrastructure.

The RNRCD has signed a contract with Giancola Construction to construct this project in the Spring of 2017.