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Town of Jericho and CCRPC to develop Jericho Stormwater Master Plan

With funds provided by a DEC Clean Water Initiative grant and the Town of Jericho, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) has hired Watershed Consulting Associates of Burlington to develop a Stormwater Master Plan for the Town. This type of planning is needed now as the 2016 Jericho Comprehensive Town Plan predicts a 5% increase in population by 2030, with new development concentrated in the town’s three state-designated village centers.

The Plan will focus on village centers that are substantially developed with mixed uses along the busy roads of VT Route 15 and Browns Trace Road. Most of this area is fairly developed and the plan may look for green stormwater infrastructure retrofits for the older subdivisions, particularly off of Route 15.  These techniques focus on infiltrating rain runoff rather than, for example, capturing and diverting it into pipes and ponds.  Additionally, over the years small scale subdivisions have occurred along rural roads with little to no attention paid to stormwater runoff.  As a result, runoff from properties outside of the road right of way has been a major cause of increased road erosion/ditch erosion.

Fortunately, the effort will not start from scratch. DEC staff completed some stormwater mapping in 2012, the Better Roads program identified needed gravel road improvements in 2015 and just this past summer the CCRPC completed a road erosion inventory of all the Town’s roads that intersect or are located near waterways. This data coupled with a fresh analysis by Watershed Consulting Associates and consultation with Town planning and highway staff will be used to craft a Stormwater Master Plan that will identify areas of concerns as well provides recommended Green Stormwater Infrastructure conceptual designs for solutions at six locations. Prioritized projects will be included in the implementation table for the Lamoille Tactical Basin Plan.

Screenschot of DEC stormwater map

The development of stormwater master plan for Jericho will be aided by previous stormwater mapping work conducted by DEC in 2012 as shown in this map.