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Stormwater Master Plan Project for Town of Middlebury

In October 2014, the Addision County Regional Planning Commision, ACRPC, received an Ecosystem Restoration grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, VT DEC, to work on a stormwater master plan project in the Town of Middlebury. The project committee hired Watershed Consulting Associates LLC as the prime consultant.

The goal of this project was to study specific sub watersheds within a downtown area of Middlebury to understand how and where potential green infrastructure retrofits could improve stormwater runoff issues. The studied site drains into a small tributary of the larger Otter Creek and have been identified in the State’s 2012 Otter Creek Basin Stormwater Mapping report as priority watersheds for infrastructure improvements.

The consultant team was responsible for field investigations, soil testing, surveying potential GI sites, and completing hydrologic and hydraulic modeling regarding existing conditions and prioritizing potential GI sites based on this investigation.

Ultimately, this project proposed three, 30% design solutions for improving stormwater management and therefore, improving point source pollution from these sub watersheds. The solutions included designing a gravel wetland in the footprint of a 1970’s retention pond, building bioretention areas along a street and proposing a system that combined these two techniques on a private business site, due to its advantageous location for run-off collection within the watershed.20160714StormwaterMasterPlanforTownofMiddlebury
The consultants worked closely with ACRPC and the Town of Middlebury’s Public Works Director throughout this stormwater masterplan project. Claire Tebbs, ACRPC Planner will be presenting the finding of this project to the ACRPC Full Commission in an effort to bring green infrastructure solutions to other towns in Addison County. Watershed Consultants Associates will be presenting to Middlebury Public Works Department July 17th, 2016.
For more information regarding this project, please contact Claire Tebbs at ACRPC: