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Tree Planting for Resilience

The weather couldn’t have been better for a day of tree planting. With the sun shining and the temperature in the mid-60s a group of ECO AmeriCorps members, the Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District, Rockingham Conservation Commission, Saxtons River Permaculture Project, Bellows Falls Union High School, the Southeastern Vermont Watershed Alliance and local volunteers planted 435 trees along the Saxton’s River in Rockingham.

After Tropical Storm Irene came through the 3 houses and trailer that were on the property were completely ruined.

After Tropical Storm Irene.

Before this area was grass and shrubs it had three houses and a trailer on it.During the summer of 2011 when Tropical Storm Irene came through all of the structures were washed away. The water came up over the road, and it came up fast. At one point the water was measured at 21 feet above its normal level. All of the people who lived there made it out.

Loosening up the soil for the bare-root trees to be planted.

Loosening up the soil for the bare-root trees to be planted.

After the flood, the area sat empty, except for the occasional household items, a TV remote, a dog bowl. This spot along the river stayed like this for two years before the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved the removal of the items left behind.

ECO AmeriCorps member Michelle Graziosi carries bags of mulch to trees. This will protect the trees and give them some extra food while they get established.

ECO AmeriCorps member, Michelle Graziosi, carries bags of mulch to trees. 



The towns of Rockingham and Bellows Falls wanted to clean up the area and add more trees and shrubs to secure the bank. Through the Trees for Streams program the Windham County NRCD was awarded a grant to plant over 400 trees. After the trees were planted and covered the volunteers added mulch to give the trees some added food and protection while they get established.