Announcements / Progress

Park-Winter Meadow-Tremont Neighborhood Managing Stormwater Runoff

The Friends of the Winooski River with support from the City of Barre has completed a stormwater master plan for a neighborhood in the City.  The master plan has resulted in designs for three conservation practices.

The Park‐Winter Meadow‐Tremont neighborhood sits in a steeply pitched northeast corner of Barre City.  Even during relatively modest rain events, runoff quickly gathers speed and washes surface sediment into the storm sewer system, actively eroding driveways, paved and unpaved streets and lawns. The neighborhood is fairly complex. The majority of the neighborhood has a slope of at least 15% and in some spots exceeds 25%, which makes it an extremely steep area. While there is some open space near the top of the neighborhood, most parcels are relatively small and densely built. Another challenging condition for management of runoff in this neighborhood is high groundwater and springs that several residents noted. High groundwater does not afford good opportunity for infiltration of surface runoff and therefore runoff volumes are amplified.

Stormwater management Best Management Practices, BMPs, had to be designed to function in this steep, high groundwater environment, and to mitigate some of these groundwater impacts on neighboring properties.  This project identified possible locations for mitigation practices that could control the stormwater in the neighborhood.   The Friend and the City will continue to work together with the private landowners to implement the practices.