Water Quality Protection Projects for Towns in St. Albans Bay Area

As part of its St. Albans Bay watershed initiative to improve the water quality of streams entering the Bay, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, DEC, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, with the Vermont Agency of Transportation, VTrans, in 2014 that provided $60,000 in Ecosystem Restoration Program funds to be used by interested municipalities within the watershed. The purpose of these grants was to implement projects to better manage runoff and associated pollutants from unpaved roads.

The towns of Fairfield, Swanton and St. Albans applied to VTrans and were then issued grants to complete priority erosion control projects on particular unpaved road segments. Best management practices implemented by the towns with grant funds under the MOU included:

  • rock lined ditches with rock check dams,
  • new larger diameter culverts to reduce the distance runoff water travels,
  • settling ponds,
  • erosion control matting and,
  • re-vegetation.

These projects, and the associated runoff management practices, are examples of work that needs to continue throughout the unpaved road network in the watershed to help improve water quality of St. Albans Bay.

bbr project pic

Rock lined ditches prevent road runoff from washing directly into streams and tributaries, which ultimately carry the nutrient pollution to our larger rivers and lakes.