Celebrating Vermonts Wetlands Through YouTube

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, a quick search of YouTube videos for Vermont wetlands provided a surprising number of viewing options…but why be surprised. Wetlands are really cool places. They often have unique plants, like pitcher plants, skunk cabbage or the black gum tree and they support some pretty awesome animals, like moose, beaver, otter or the lesser known species, like the spiny soft-shelled turtle, blue spotted salamander, and a variety of frogs. And the birds-what fun!! Blue heron, bitterns, osprey, warblers, all the resident and migrating waterfowl and so many more species of bird use wetlands. So without further ado, enjoy these short videos highlighting a few of the large wetland complexes of Vermont, protected as National Wildlife Refuge or State Wildlife Management Areas.

frog leaf.png

Here are four YouTube videos focusing on some wetlands in Vermont that have been protected and are open to the public for recreation; celebrate and enjoy our wetlands!