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Green Stormwater Infrastructure Webinar – Nov. 10

The Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT), in partnership with the Vermont Clean Water Initiative Program and Stone Environmental, Inc., will present a free webinar, “Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Simplified Sizing Tool for Small Projects” on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, from 2 to 3 p.m.

This how-to webinar will focus on the practical applications of the new GSI tool, which utilizes GSI best management practices (BMP’s) to determine optimum design approaches to treat stormwater runoff from proposed impervious surfaces on small sites. The tool is intended to be used in conjunction with VLCT’s Model Low Impact Development/GSI Stormwater Management Bylaw.

Stone Environmental, Inc. developed the GSI Simplified Sizing Tool in consultation with VLCT’s Water Resources Program and support from the Vermont Clean Water Initiative Program of the Department of Environmental Conservation. Municipal land use and stormwater permit reviewers and others are encouraged to participate.

Act 64, Vermont’s Clean Water Act, was signed into law in June 2015 by Governor Shumlin. The new law is targeting pollution of waterways due to runoff from land use, and agriculture. One type of pollution being addressed in the law is stormwater.

When rain hits an impervious surface, a parking lot, roof, driveway, or paved road it is unable to infiltrate into the ground, and therefore runs off into nearby streams and brooks, which eventually take the water to a lake or pond. When the water is running over impervious surfaces it picks up pollutants that get deposited into streams, rivers and lakes.

Chamberlin School rain garden, an example of Green Stormwater Infrastructure; and it's beautiful, too!

Chamberlin School rain garden, an example of Green Stormwater Infrastructure; and it’s beautiful, too!

GSI combines the benefits of natural systems and their ability to clean water, with the built environment. Instead of having a parking lot where the water flows directly into a drain one could build a vegetated buffer area with different grasses, shrubs and trees to catch the water and infiltrate it into the ground. This prevents pollutants from running directly into waterways.

The GSI sizing tool is meant to be used by municipalities to help them better regulate impervious cover and review proposed stormwater management plans and associated BMP’s. The tool focuses on ten BMP’s that can be implemented to help reduce stormwater runoff.

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The webinar is free and you can register for it here: