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Vermont Watershed Grants Available

The 2016 Vermont Watershed Grants Program is now accepting applications for funding projects that help Vermonters protect, restore and enjoy the state’s watersheds. The applications are due no later than Friday, November 20, 2015.

The Vermont Watershed Grants Program provides funds for water-related projects that:

  • Protect or restore fish and wildlife habitats
  • Protect or restore water quality, and shorelines;
  • Reduce phosphorus loading and/or sedimentation as part of the Clean Water Initiative Program objectives
  • Enhance recreational use and enjoyment
  • Identify and protect historic and cultural resources;
  • Educate people about watershed resources; or
  • Monitor fish and wildlife populations and/or water quality.

Municipalities, local or regional governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and citizen groups are eligible to receive Watershed Grants for work on public or private lands.

Vermont Watershed Grants Program is a joint project of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. The grant program is funded by sales of the Vermont Conservation License Plate. The program has funded 351 watershed projects statewide dating back to 1998.

For the 2016 program $70,000 is available to fund three categories of projects. The three categories of project types and the maximum amount for each project type are: education and outreach ($5,000), planning, assessment, inventory, monitoring ($3,500) and on-the-ground implementation ($10,000).

The program is in its 18th year, and is a great opportunity to undertake a project to help a local stream or lake. One of the projects funded in the past involved planting willow trees along a streambank to stabilize it, in turn reducing streambank erosion. Other projects focus on education and outreach, like the road foreman workshop series that looked at best management practices to address transportation related storm water runoff.

The 2016 project year grant application deadline is Friday, November 20, 2015. For anyone interested in applying, please visit the Vermont Watershed Grants website to find the application, an administrative guide, a grant application guide and other materials.

Volunteers plant willows in 2014 as part of a streambank restoration project on the New Haven River in Bristol.

Volunteers plant willows in 2014 as part of a stream bank restoration project on the New Haven River in Bristol.