EcoAmericorps: New Face, New Role, New Program

Madeline Cotter is one of the exciting first wave of twenty EcoAmericorps members to join Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation in September. Americorps is considered a domestic service version of the international Peace Corps program, where members gain direct on-the-job experience while earning a modest income. The VTDEC’s special “Eco” version of Americorps is placing members in programs dedicated to working with communities on water quality issues. Madeline’s new role is the Communications Specialist in the newly unveiled Vermont Clean Water Initiative Program, formerly Ecosystem Restoration Program. So, she has the distinction of being a new face with a new role in a new program!

Originally from Marshfield, a small beach town on the south shore of Massachusetts, Madeline graduated in May from University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  She served as a Teaching Assistant for the Introductory and International Environmental Studies courses and cites her passion for educating people about the environmental issues and solutions.  Last summer, she worked on communications for Vermont Public Research Interest Group (VPRIG), and we are fortunate to draw her experience into the new Clean Water Initiative Program!

In her first week, Madeline has immersed herself in work spanning from the Connecticut River to Lake Champlain to southern Vermont to the Northeast Kingdom. She is already proving adept at producing a huge volume of well-written articles, press releases and blog posts, to our benefit.  When you have a moment, please reach out to her or walk down to her workspace for a good chat: and 802-490-6134

More information about the VTDEC EcoAmericorps program may be found at: