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Introducing the Vermont Integrated Watershed Information System!

IWIS Front Page

IWIS Front Page

Are you interested in the condition of surface waters in your area?  Would you like a one-stop shop to find water data for Vermont?  Welcome to V-IWIS, Vermont’s new Integrated Watershed Information System.  “IWIS” was built to provide users access to all sorts of water chemistry, quality, and biomonitoring data from the Watershed Management Division’s data archives, and the online reporting websites of WSMD’s partner organizations such as the Vermont Monitoring Cooperative, US Geological Survey/USEPA, VT Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, VT Department of Health, the Connecticut River Joint Commissions, the EPSCOR Vermont Streams Project, and University of Vermont’s Watershed Alliance.

To access data using IWIS, go to from whence you can search either by searching on a site name or characteristic, or using the ANR Atlas.  As users explore, they will discover the capability to obtain overall monitoring site summaries, and detailed individual data that come from within WSMD’s archives. Specifically, users can obtain:

  • Site lists derived using robust search tools
  • Site Locations using Google Maps and the ANR Atlas
  • Overall Monitoring Site Summaries of biological, chemical, and physical information
  • Macroinvertebrate monitoring site summaries
  • Water Quality summaries, and access to detailed, searchable data.
Example macroinvertebrate monitoring site report.

Example macroinvertebrate monitoring site report.

When accessing these reports, please look for “More Info” buttons, to get incrementally more detailed data, and “For More Details” links to fact-sheets describing the data being displayed.

IWIS will be rolled out to users and stakeholders at the upcoming Vermont Water Monitoring Council meeting at Vermont Technical College, August 12th.  IWIS should be considered a “beta” version at the moment.  WSMD’s data analysis staff are working on developing additional search tools, and augmented reporting capabilities, including multi-site summaries, and more detailed instructions on the use of the system.

Check it out, and please contact Neil Kamman at WSMD if you have suggestions.