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Vermont State Agencies Show by Example in Managing Stormwater by Going Green

20150714GSIThe Agencies of Natural Resources, Commerce and Community Development, Transportation and Administration recently released their respective annual progress reports on advancing the use of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) within their organizations. Rain and snowmelt on developed land typically turns into costly, pollutant-laden stormwater runoff. Waterways can become polluted, fish and wildlife suffer, and our living environment is degraded, resulting in eroding property values. GSI can mitigate these impacts capturing, slowing down and absorbing stormwater before it becomes a problem. GSI also reduces flood risks, helps to conserve energy, boosts property values, enhances the aesthetics of a development and improves Vermonters’ quality of life.

Governor Shumlin signed Executive Order 06-12 in 2012 to integrate the use of green stormwater infrastructure into state programs and projects.   Since then, state government has been working together and with many municipalities and other partners to build awareness, instill understanding, and produce practical and tangible examples of how GSI is helping Vermont tackle water pollution and create resilient developed landscapes. For more information, see: