In Celebration of Lakes Appreciation Month, meet Little Pond in Woodford

Want to see a lovely wilderness lake?

Hike 2.5 miles along a gently sloping class 4 road to Little Pond in Woodford, VT. This clear shallow lake is a gem tucked into the south western corner of VT, part of the Glastenbury wilderness. Beaver, spotted newts, green frogs and 45 different bird species are known from in or around the pond.  In the winter, the trail is part of the VAST snowmobile trail network and is a great cross country ski.

The Green Mountain National Forest Service provides a description of the lake here:

A depth map of the pond can be found here:

While the watershed is wilderness now, the lake once had a fishing lodge and a dam built into the southern end.
The lodge’s foundation can still be found near the northern end where the trail meets the pond. If you are interested in treasure hunting, a small plane crashed near the north east corner of the pond. Remnants of the plane may still be visible with some persistent searching.

This lake is tested annually by the Division’s Acid Lakes Long-term Monitoring Program, and is a favorite of Watershed Management Division scientists.

littl pond