Green Stormwater Infrastructure Best Management Practice Fact Sheets

The Vermont Green Infrastructure Initiative recently unveiled a set of 9 fact sheets that describe the essential details of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Best Management Practices (BMPs).  Sheets are available for the following BMPs: Bioretention, Constructed Gravel Wetland, Green Roof, Infiltration Trench, Pervious Pavement, Rain Barrels & Cisterns, Stormwater Planter, Stormwater Tree Pit, and Vegetated Swale.  These are intended to help those interested in implementing GSI in selecting the appropriate BMP or set of BMPs for their stormwater management needs.

Each fact sheet describes the BMP’s ability to promote infiltration, evapotranspiration, and storage functions that provide stormwater volume reduction and stormwater treatment. The fact sheets cover the following topics: (a)What is It?, (b) Critical Components, (c)Appropriate Use and Constraints, (d) Benefits, (e) Costs, (f) Maintenance, (g) Additional Considerations (including notes on how to accommodate sites with poorly-drained soils) and (h) additional references that provide more technical detail for BMP design and construction.

These fact sheets are short, easy-to-print, and handy guides to use innovative, green stormwater treatment strategies. We encourage everyone to use them to support their stormwater implementation and education goals.

Fact sheet for Bioretention BMP

Fact sheet for Bioretention BMP