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Results Based Accountability Report Released

20150219RBACoverWe are pleased to announce the release of our first Results Based Accountability (RBA) report!

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC) launched an effort this year to improve how we track and measure performance using RBA. RBA is a framework used to measure how well an agency department, division, or program is performing. RBA looks to answer three primary questions: (1) How much did we do? (2) How well did we do it? (3) Is anyone better off?

The Watershed Management Division’s (WSMD’s) performance measures are organized based on our efforts to: protect, maintain, enhance, and restore Vermont’s surface waters; directly correlating to our mission. Seven performance measures focus on Division level efforts and four highlight efforts at the program level. Our Division Report can be found online here:

Performance measures were compiled from each Division and organized at the Department level by the categories of: water, air, land, and operations. A total of thirty measures were submitted to the Legislature earlier this month as part of a budget proposal. The full Department Report can be found online here:

We’re excited to make this report even more robust in the coming years!