New Fact Sheets Summarize Actions in Lake Champlain TMDL Phase 1 Plan

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation released new fact sheets that summarize the management strategies to reduce phosphorus load into Lake Champlain and presented in the document entitled, “Vermont Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL Phase 1 Implementation Plan” (released on May 29, 2014).

There are a total of 6 factsheets.  Each factsheet outlines actions specific to a major nonpoint source of phosphorus pollution to the Lake and further described in the State’s Phase 1 Plan. There are fact sheets that address: (1) agricultural land management; (2) forest lands management; (3) river and floodplain protection;   (4) stormwater management; (5) road-related stormwater management; and (6) wetland management.

You can find the all of these fact sheets along with more information related to the Vermont Lake Champlain phosphorus reduction plan on the Restore Lake Champlain website: