Regional Water Quality Planning Efforts Completed

Under federal Clean Water Act Section 604b, the Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) was awarded $40,000 from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for water quality planning projects.  In addition to completing its own project, LCPC managed the distribution of funds to Vermont’s 10 other Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) to carry out water quality planning project activities statewide.

DEC provided a framework for RPC proposals, using three water quality planning phases that would support the State’s ongoing efforts to protect and improve water quality. The categories included: 1) Monitoring and Assessment, 2) Plan Development and 3) Implementation.

Four RPCs completed monitoring and assessment related projects, including:

  • Developing maps and outreach materials and offering technical assistance to a watershed group;
  • Analyzing culvert conditions and comparing and cross-referencing assessment data sets; and
  • Mapping the impacts of Tropical Storm Irene in three regions.

Four RPCs completed plan development related projects, including:

  • Mapping damaged infrastructure and developing an online tool to track damage histories;
  • Modeling storm water runoff to assist a town with planning and zoning decisions; and
  • Reviewing and cataloguing water quality protection elements in municipal plans and regulations to determine the status of local progress on adoption of relevant State and FEMA elements.

Three RPCs completed implementation related projects, including:

  • Fluvial Erosion Hazard (FEH) mapping and outreach regarding model regulations;
  • Development of a comprehensive Flow Restoration Plan (FRP); and
  • Assisting with DEC’s tactical river basin planning process.