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Register Now for the Stormwater Master Planning Webinar Series

A subwatershed and soils map used for the Waitsfield Stormwater Master Plan.

A subwatershed and soils map used for the Waitsfield Stormwater Master Plan.

There is growing concern about the negative environmental impacts associated with untreated and unmanaged stormwater runoff (precipitation that flows across the land surface instead of infiltrating into the ground). One of the ways to address stormwater runoff is through stormwater master planning. In May of 2013, the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Watershed Management Division, through the Ecosystem Restoration Program, released the Vermont Stormwater Master Planning (SWMP) Guidelines. The guidelines establish a consistent, structured, and workable approach for identifying and prioritizing community‐specific stormwater management opportunities in both rural and urban environments.

In an effort to increase the use of stormwater master planning throughout Vermont, the Ecosystem Restoration Program, in association with Watershed Consulting Associates, will present a series of five webinars covering several different stormwater master planning templates.  Each webinar will discuss general and specific methods to use, what type of community should consider using each template, and funding sources that each template’s proposed projects will qualify for under State of Vermont funding guidelines.

More information and registration details can be found here.