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Tiny Invasive Crustacean – Spiny Water Flea – Now Confirmed in Lake Champlain

Spiny water flea cluster_J.GundersonMNSG

A mass of spiny water fleas entangled on fishing line. Photo Credit, J. Gunderson, MNSG.

The aquatic invasive zooplankton, spiny water flea – a crustacean, not a flea as the name implies – has become Lake Champlain’s 50th aquatic invasive species. Details can be found in this August 28, 2014 Lake Champlain Basin Program press release: Spiny Water Flea Confirmed in Lake Champlain.

The Lake Champlain Basin Aquatic Invasive Species Rapid Response Task Force recently released recommendations for spiny water flea spread prevention, which include promoting and practicing the message of “clean, drain, dry.”

Anyone using a Vermont water body is encouraged to be responsible stewards of state waters and take precautions that will reduce the opportunity for aquatic invasive species or wildlife disease to hitchhike by following these spread prevention guidelines.