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ANR Submits Green Stormwater Infrastructure Report to the Governor

A newly installed bioretention system in South Burlington.

A newly installed bioretention system in South Burlington.

On July 1, 2014, the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) submitted to the Governor its first Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Implementation Work Plan Annual Report. Over the course of the past year, ANR has made great strides towards expanding and growing the role that GSI plays in Vermont.  Major accomplishments include: 

  • Updating the Vermont Stormwater Management Manual to include a wider array of GSI practices;
  • Hosting a wide variety of workshops, webinars, and trainings for a diverse group of stakeholders including citizens, professionals, municipalities, and state employees;
  • Incorporating GSI into the design of two major rehabilitation projects in Vermont State Parks;
  • Providing funding for GSI design and implementation through the Ecosystem Restoration Program and Watershed Grants;
  • Assisting in the coordination of the Green Infrastructure Roundtable and the development of the Vermont Green Infrastructure Strategic plan 2014 – 2019; and
  • Working closely with the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Department of Buildings and General Services, and the Vermont Agency of Transportation to identify collective GSI opportunities.

Justin Kenney, ANR’s Green Infrastructure Coordinator, is happy with the progress. “I’m amazed at how far we’ve come in a short period of time. The awareness and understanding of GSI is growing on a daily basis and the number of people involved in the effort has dramatically increased in the past few years. People are starting to realize that GSI is much more than rain barrels and rain gardens, it is a fundamental shift in the way we manage our stormwater and landscape. I’m proud to say that ANR’s efforts have helped make this happen.”

A copy of the 2014 GSI Implementation Work Plan Annual Report can be found here