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Website Improvements for the Wetlands Program

As discussed in a previous blog, in February the Wetlands Program evaluated its internal processes for improvement opportunities. Several ideas were hatched and will be implemented throughout the year. The program website was identified as an underutilized tool which could be used to improve program efficiency. Last week the Wetland Program unveiled a new and improved homepage and inquiry request webpage.

The new homepage improves navigation to various outreach and regulatory documents. The Wetland Program’s website documents include educational material about wetland identification, wetland function, and Best Management Practices (BMPs) for wetland conservation. The homepage also points to regulatory documents such as the Vermont Wetland Rules, permit applicants, Act 250 review guidelines and links to other wetland regulatory bodies.

An exciting new addition to the website is the new inquiry request webpage which allows users to send email request forms to their regional District Wetland Ecologist. The request form outlines relevant information that District Ecologists often need in order to provide responses to the public. The addition of this form will reduce time spent investigating an inquiry and allow District Ecologists to respond more quickly to questions from the public.

Wetland Program website improvements will continue throughout the year, so please check it frequently for updates.

Screenshot of the new Wetlands inquiry website

Screenshot of the new Wetlands inquiry website