Get in the Know! Low Impact Development Info Sheets Released.

The Green Infrastructure Initiative, a Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation led project to promote and implement innovative infrastructure approaches to stormwater management, is happy to announce the release of its Low Impact Development (LID) Series.

LID is an innovative planning and design approach used in land development to better manage stormwater runoff – runoff, caused by rain and snow melt, coming off of impervious surfaces (such as paved surfaces or compacted ground). LID seeks to minimize the harmful water quality, hydrological, and ecological impacts caused by stormwater runoff. In contrast to traditional methods of development, the LID approach relies on natural processes, such as infiltration and evapotranspiration, to minimize impacts. In this way, LID skillfully serves to protect clean water, while meeting development needs. This results in a wide variety of economic, environmental, and social benefits.

The info sheets below provide a general overview of LID and its principles.  They accompany a series of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Info Sheets that were developed in late 2013. Enjoy!

Low Impact Development Info Sheet

Conservation Development Info Sheet

Minimize Soil Compaction Info Sheet

Minimize Total Disturbance Info Sheet

Protect Natural Water Flows Info Sheet

Protect Riparian Buffers Info Sheet

Protect Sensitive Areas Info Sheet

Reduce Impervious Surfaces Info Sheet

Stormwater Disconnection Info Sheet

One of nine LID Info Sheets.

One of nine LID Info Sheets.