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Did you know That Vermont has its’ own “Fishes of” Book?

The Fishes of Vermont was published in 2006 by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, but its lead author is from the Monitoring Assessment and Planning Program of the Watershed Management Division. This 320 page authoritative volume is the first comprehensive account of Vermont fishes proving the first state-specific identification key, distribution maps, and descriptions of life histories of every one of our 93 species.

Have you ever wondered which Vermont fishes are native and which are not?… and how these species arrived in Vermont waters? A detailed account of how and when our native fishes migrated through vast icy meltwater lakes and rivers to colonize what is now Vermont is included in the introduction. Also presented is a history of water pollution control and fisheries management. A section on human impacts on fish populations rounds out the introductory chapter. From a list of strange sounding common names such as Doogler and Chucklehead, to surprising facts like swordfish eggs being stocked into Vermont lakes, this volume provides comprehensive view of Vermont’s fish and fisheries. Copies may be ordered on online through the VT Fish and Wildlife Store.