Stream Alteration Water Bypass

Control of water and sediment discharge is required for stream alteration projects in Vermont. Here is a good example of water bypass during a culvert installation for control of water and sediment discharge in Vondell Brook on Cox District Road in Woodstock. The first picture was taken upstream and shows a bypass pipe diverting the water flow with a pump standing ready for higher flows that might occur with rain. The sediment discharge would have been just a few hours during the bypass installation and then again when removing the bypass.

The second picture shows the downstream section with the diverted water flowing through a poly-lined swale and then back into the channel with an earthen berm protecting the area of actual installation. The culvert was installed “in the dry” so the crew was not fighting the constant force of water flow in the work area.

The replacement culvert is a pre-cast concrete 4-sided box with processed run-of-river cobbles added to the bottom sediment retention bins. The water clarity on the downstream end was very good and showed great sediment control during construction; a job well done!


Upstream - Vondell Brook

Upstream – Vondell Brook


Downstream – Vondell Brook

Downstream – Vondell Brook